Re: Spam as a result of advertising

From: Alec Ellis <>
Date: Thu 12 Oct 2000 11:22:25 -0500

> There is a problem with effective advertising. I have
> been placing ads on the web and promoting my site with
> great success. However, with this success there is a
> price. Recently, more than ever I have been a victim of
> Spam. I find that I must spend a considerable amount of
> time sorting through the junk.

No NO NO!!!! Allan...don't go the way of the filter....
you do this at your peril. Filter's are NOT the most
accurate form of sorting through messages.... they
predetermine your reading content. "of course" .... I
hear people say... BUT what you don't see, you never
learn of.

We find spam annoying too, and a very long time ago we
found a great little product...I have mentioned it
before and will over and over again .... Magic Mail
Monitor found at this
software program is free and we have used it for
literally years.

It allows you to check what is on your server, by
downloading only a minute amount of "k", thus saving on
download costs. Once downloaded ALL on your emails on
the servers, you can preview, then delete if you
wish..... after a while you get to know the look of the
junk mail and have fun just delete delete delete...etc.
You can use the control button for singles and shift
for per normal.

DONT let the filters run your life and tell you what to
read.... sometimes people send you emails without a
"Dear Whatever"... the filter treats this as spam,
sometimes a Hi, without the name... spam again, words
you wish to pull out that are spammy...i.e. MLM, Adv.
etc ....then your mate emails you "Hi" about a great
"MLM" product, in an "ADV." he has seen only "on sale"
for two weeks..... and you BLEW it because the filters
TOTALLY wiped THAT question out..... Lost the best
product on the market for a century!!!

Would you believe...even one of THESE ONLINE-ADS emails
ended up in my filtered Junk mail folder the other
day.... I turned it on to please a friend.... off again
the next day!

Also ...we have found that we gained news of modern net
tools and services from spam items.... so they sometimes
keep you up to date about Ecommerce.

Hope this helps....

Alec Ellis
GloPro -

Received on Thu Oct 12 2000 - 11:22:25 CDT


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