Re: Affiliate Program Management Decision

From: Tina Reed <>
Date: Fri 13 Oct 2000 13:26:41 -0500

> 3rd party service questions:
> Who out there has experience or thoughts on Commission
> Junction as a service? I need input regarding their
> reputation or direct experience as an affiliate and
> merchant. Your confidential feedback or input directly
> to me is fine at if you prefer
> not to post publicly on this forum. (I need honest
> feedback - good or bad - before I pay $1000 and commit
> our fast-growing company to a year's contract.)

I do have experience working with Commission Junction,
as an affiliate and on the merchant side. I use them
myself and am familiar with their operations.

If you do not have the resources to build your own
affiliate program, then I definitely recommend
outsourcing with a quality provider. One of the
biggest advantages with CJ is that they do not require
you to purchase any software. So, in analyzing the
cost you must take into consideration the fact that you
do not have to do Any backend programming or
loading/setting up software. This is one of its
biggest selling points.

However, as a merchant you do have to spend time
creating a quality program with marketing materials.
You will be required to provide text, banners and/or
other types of links, create a sign up form, etc. You
also have to be prepared to manage this program (and
affiliates) like any other marketing program. (I am
probably preaching to the choir here, but have to point
this out.)

CJ has very helpful tech support, and also merchant and
affiliate managers. They will take the time to talk
with you to give you helpful pointers, and answer any
questions. They are also willing to help you customize
tracking code for affiliates, which is important for
flexibility. (This page
ml is my first edition CJ affiliate page. The top link
has been customized to go straight to the tutorial
samples page, instead of the home page on the merchant

They are also putting up a special section on their
site to educate members, based on their recent CJU
affiliate/managers conference. They are very forward
thinking, and spending money to research the affiliate
industry. Excellent reporting. What more can I say?


Received on Fri Oct 13 2000 - 13:26:41 CDT


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