Re: Spam as a result of advertising

From: Georg Birgmann <>
Date: Wed 18 Oct 2000 15:53:15 -0500

Hi there!

The second best advice I can give You against these
spammer methods is:

Delete Your spammed email account, and replace it by a
new one. If the account is really necessary for Your
business (e.g. as a way for Your customers to contact
You) simply make a little change to the address:
webmaster@ can be replaced by owner@ or something like
that, support@ by help@, info@ by information@, and so
on. The spammer will have his mailbox flooded, if many
people act like this. "Mail Delivery Subsystem"!!!
That_s fair, I think.

If the spamming is because of advertising, some other
solutions can be found: * Do not put Your email
address in an ad, but use an URL leading to a page of
Your website, where a simple form can be filled and
sent. This will enable serious people to contact You
on Your advertised offer. The spammer will not take
that much effort to get Your address from the HTML code
of this page.

* Give a phone number instead of an email address, as
an alternative contact.

The best advice of all:

Simply do not use certain kinds of services!!! Anybody
please, tell me: Did You really ever receive one
single hit from an ad submitted at an FFA page? From
"links2u" and other MLM sites? I think many of You
agree, if I say: This is no serious way of
advertising, so nobody should be surprised by
unserious and unwanted results.

I hope this helps,

Georg Birgmann

By the way:

We are currently taking the first steps to develop some
kind of webmaster network. Our goal: Finishing work on
this within the next six month, giving serious
businesswomen and businessmen the opportunity to join
forces more easily, helping them to find each other.
Second goal: Spam filtering. By simply rejecting any
kind of low-quality announcement in this humanly
revised mailing list.

As we do not want to develop this thing without Your
broad based "advice", we would appreciate, if some of
You would take two minutes to answer our webmaster
poll. This should enable us to form a project that
meets Your needs. As we are no pro_s, but run our own
private financial website already, we have placed the
poll at the server of the financial website:
Any comments are welcome, we thank You in advance!

Received on Wed Oct 18 2000 - 15:53:15 CDT


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