Re: Is it spam if it's targeted?

From: Heather Ashley Wonderful <>
Date: Thu 26 Oct 2000 13:38:53 -0500

> We did an email campaign to a very targeted group. Our
> response was great. 13% of the group came back to our
> site and over 5% did exactly what we wanted them to do.
> I know there is a lot of controversy about spamming.
> My question is: Would this be considered spamming?


I know we talked about this for a bit, but I will sum
up for you what we previously said in the last round of
SPAM talk.

It's SPAM because even though these were "targeted"
they didn't voluntarily join your mailing list. I
also have the belief that if it was "targeted" that
most of the people would have took a glance at your

It's not cost efficient. You're wasting people's time
who didn't want your e-mail, and their bandwidth. Time
is money and some people pay for their e-mail provider
space. If this person received a lot of e-mail, and
somebody couldn't e-mail them because their box was
full, then you might have cost them a sale. Not to
mention a lot of people pay for every minute their
online, so you cost them the way they need to pay the
phone bill per min or their ISP. Even if they got free
e-mail, the server is still using bandwidth and
somebody's got to pay for it. There are a lot more
examples, but you get my point. It might not cost that
much for you, but it does cost a lot, and it's usually
on the consumer or somebody other than yourself.

If your ISP stepped in, and ISPs do deal with this a
lot then this is a big red flag saying what you did was
SPAM. They're not targetting you because you got
business, they're telling you not to do this because
it's SPAM. And even if you find and ISP that allows
you to continue SPAMming people, then not only will
your company get a bad reputation but so will the ISP
for allowing you to do this.

And the reason only .001% of the people you e-mailed
asked to be removed is because it's not a wise decision
to e-mail back SPAMmers, because this means that the
e-mail address has a live person on the other end.

If you really wanted to promote your site, do it the
honest way by having people join a mailing list, or buy
banner-ad space or e-zine ad space. Don't tell me
you're cluttering my e-mail box because I'm part of a
"targeted" group, because then I won't be part of your
group of happy consumers.


Received on Thu Oct 26 2000 - 13:38:53 CDT


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