Re: Tracking E-mail marketing

From: Sebastiaan Moesman <S.Moesman_at_AdValue.NL>
Date: Mon 30 Oct 2000 15:20:34 -0500

> Our organization has compiled an opt-in list of approx.
> 20,000 e-mail addresses. We periodically e-mail to
> this group but have not tracked the results or marketed
> our list to advertisers. Does anyone know of any
> software that does a good job of tracking e-mailings
> that reports when the mail was opened and by whom?

Besides the possibility to build your own system to
track email responses, you can also outsource it to
several online media agencies who do email conversion
tracking as one of their services. We use NOAH, a
proprietary softwaresystem that doesn't only track
emails, but also banners, buttons, sponsorships etc.
and doesn't stop with tracking opening emails, but also
reports down to conversion to see whether the email you
sent actually generated revenue or new subscribers or
whatever your goal is.

So: not to put our company out there, but online media
agencies should be able to solve your problems if you
don't want to build the tracking modules yourself.

(*) Online media agencies in my opinion are the buying
side of the market. So I'm NOT talking about
doubleclick or 24/7 but companies like AdValue or
Mediaplex but also Ogilvy Interactive and so on....

Sebastiaan Moesman
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The European Online Media Agency
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Received on Mon Oct 30 2000 - 14:20:34 CST


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