Re: Is it spam if its targeted?

From: Larry Raubach <>
Date: Mon 30 Oct 2000 15:27:12 -0500

I'm amazed that these kind of conversations are still
so prevalent in discussion forums such as this, but
while we're on the subject, here's my two cents:

Blatant, mass mailings with no focus or targeting is
spam - yes. Targeted mailings, while by definition
still may be considered spam, should not fall under
the same bad rap afforded to the former. Recently, many
people on this list bashed into targeted "spammers"
saying as part of their tirades that it wasted their
time and money. Please. Click delete without opening it
if you assume its spam and that knocks about one
second off of your precious life - far less time than
it would take to go to your mailbox at home, filter
through your mail, decide which is junk and proceed to
the garbage to toss it out. Money? C'mon. In North
America anyways, virtually everyone pays flat rate
monthly access fees or has access from work. Oops, hope
that doesn't open a can of worms. Please don't start
quoting figures about how many work-hours, or god
forbid, work-days each year are wasted deleted spam

It's one thing to critique someone for implementing
what might be a bad marketing strategy, but its
another thing to continue harping on issues that for
the most part are petty and inconcequential. Lets get a

Bottom line to targeted mailers - you'll never please
everyone no matter what your offer or strategy. If
your response rate is high with targeted emails, stay
on course and build up an opt-in list of those who do

Oh, spammers, please do not reply.

Larry Raubach
Strategic Planner
Ottawa, ON

Received on Mon Oct 30 2000 - 14:27:12 CST


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