Re: Is it spam if it's targeted?

From: Alec Ellis <>
Date: Tue 31 Oct 2000 15:45:55 -0500

Dear Mark,

Firstly... SPAM is not illegal, not for what the word
was adopted for. Spam is useless unwanted information
thrust upon you, without your permission.

The US Federal Trade Commission defines spam (without
giving an actual definition, as "Scam!!!!", Illegal
practices on the Net, pyramid schemes, fat loss
promises, etc etc (if you don't believe me then go and
look - this
starts off talking spam but as usual edges back into
'scams'.) It does this by default... not actually
condemning spam, BUT tying up spamming with
fraud....yes "frauds use spam, but not all spams are

With this type of misleading promotion from a
Government body no less, and the American approach to
freedom, i.e. receiving ONE spam would mean an
infringement of their privacy. It is not a surprise
that there are cyber lynching mobs out there.
Unfortunately, every OTHER unsolicited email gets
stamped spam by these people.

It seems there has to be a few years in between each
event to settle the US down, but with a witch hunt out
of hand in Salem, and later a witch hunt out of hand in
Washington with Mr. Macarthy, it seems it is time for
another one..... ho hum?

This statement gets me too.....

> From my understanding, the main problem people have
> with sending unsolicited e-mails is that the cost
> burden (paying for 'net access, e-mail services, etc.)
> is on the receiver.

I am not picking on you Mike.... but I have heard this
many times and it is utter nonsense, there are enough
programs you can run out there, (we have discussed
hundreds I am sure on this list alone), that can filter
out, control the flow, allow you to delete with a MICRO
of message downloaded... which will bring your phone
bill down, IF you are paying for it that way. We here
in Australia don't have to worry about that as local
calls are free permanently, no time limit.... BUT my
family are in the UK and THEY have no problem...I gave
them Magic Mail Monitor, of which I have already talked
about on this list, and they delete all their spams or
unsolicited emails, before downloading from the
server...saving them any costs associated.

And.... what costs are these anyway..... I submit to
many search engines and join many Ezines etc...thus
receive allot of junk mail....and I would say I receive
MORE then the average amount of Junk mail..... BUT at
most I receive about 90 junks a day.... it takes me,
literally, sometimes less than 40 seconds to analyze
and delete, as most spams are worded the same, it is
easy. Hence I might have wasted ooooohhh, let me
see..... two thirds of a minute a day, for average 30
days, 20mins total.... per month.... times twelve, 240
mins per year, equals 6 hours a year.

OK... to some of our American neighbors, ONE second is
not acceptable because.... "I DIDNT ASK FOR IT"... I am
sorry guys, and sorry if I have generalized
Americans...not really my intention... but it just
seems with all the articles to back it up , the stats
of where the most complaints are made, what country is
leading this next "witch hunt", which universities are
the most militant over this subject, which Government
is the least interested, most instantly reactive etc
etc ... points to another irrational, assault in
numbers, leap before we look ... knee-jerk reaction

Until this blows over, Mark... direct mail, but just
use a bit of common sense... if you are a designer
looking for work, would you send out letters to every
household in that area, with the hope that ONE might
have an Art Director at home willing to give you a job,
etc... some hope! But sending out your resume to 20
Design Groups would probably get you a good chance of
at least a 60 to 80% interview success rate...and from
there it is up to you....

Same with Direct Mail... make it REAL direct... if you
provide a realtor service, send info to Realtors.... if
you have a new shoe design, then send info to shoe
shops.... it is really easy to understand.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of nutters with nothing
better to do at this moment in time....and what ever
you will NOT change their minds!!!!

Good luck
Alec Ellis
Glopro -

Received on Tue Oct 31 2000 - 14:45:55 CST


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