Re: Web Site Selling process

From: Charles Lewis <>
Date: Tue 31 Oct 2000 16:05:17 -0500


> I have a site ( that is currently
> getting about 150 hits per day.
> Out of this, I get 1 or 2 sales per month, not good.

Hey - I can agree ;oP

> I have purchased "Make-your-site-sell" and "The insider
> secrets to marketing your site on-line" and have
> implemented some of the ideas.

You might want to check out my latest e-Book, COED: "A
Complete Online E-Ducation". Lots of juicy tips for
designing, planning, and marketing your site for
little to no cost. I won't say anymore for fear of
being eaten alive for self promotion ;oP You'll find
the link in my signature file at the bottom.

> I was hopping for 1 sale per day, 1%, is this
> reasonable?

A one percent turnover ratio is average. I've seen as
high as 5%, but it is rare that I see much better than
1-2%. I went to your site, and might I say, I was
*quite* impressed! Much more effective sales copy
than I've seen in quite a long time. It is straight
forward, highly informative, and visually appealing.
Sadly, I did spot a couple of problems that are
definitely throwing your chances of selling the
product right into the trash compactor.


Firstly, the counter has to go. In my personal
opinion, the sole purpose of a counter is to satisfy
an ego -- YOUR ego! Either trash it, or make it
somehow flow more effectively with the opening copy.
No one cares how many people have visited your site.
All they want to know is how they an benefit from your
product. If you don't tell them within the first 6-8
seconds, 90% of your visitors will be out of there
without a second thought.

And just a quick side note -- get rid of the text at
the very top of the page, right above your opening
graphic. It looks quite out of place there...


Now, what else do you need to do? Make it easier to
order! Under most circumstances, I would be giving
this advice to someone who didn't accept online
transactions. But in your case, I found the problem to
be quite different... It took me almost five minutes
to find your ordering information Only a small
percentage of people are going to actually read that
entire sales letter. If they think they will benefit
from buying your product, they are going to start
scrolling -- looking for a place to order. It's as
simple as that.

I would suggest adding a large graphic (preferably
toward the bottom -ordering information should not be
squeezed in the middle of your sales letter) that
tells your prospect, "This is where you order. Do it
right now! Blah blah blah blah". If they can't
locate where your product may be ordered, you just
lost a potential sale. I'm sure you can see why this
could be killing your turnover ratio :o)


You don't have them, but they would be highly
beneficial in selling your product. What are they?
You got it -- Testimonials -- the power of other
people blowing your horn. Ask your existing customers
for testimonials. Explain to them, that if they have
a web site, you will post it alongside their name.
Most people will jump at the chance to get free
advertising of this sort -- a true win/win situation.


Of the 4,500 people who visit your site each month,
only one or two are purchasing your product. Why is
it, that you do not have a way to keep in contact with
the remaining 4,498 after they leave? Offer them a
free newsletter, report, e-Book, etc. for typing their
email address into that little box and clicking the
send button. Try setting up a smart follow-up
autoresponder to deliver timely (but helpful) self
promotion. (How sneaky can you get!)

Hope this information will assist you in turning those
casual browsers into buyers. Good luck to you and
your business.

Best Regards,

Charles Lewis, Author of COED,
"A Complete Online E-Ducation"

Received on Tue Oct 31 2000 - 15:05:17 CST


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