Re: Google Success Story

From: Harley Ungar <>
Date: Tue 16 Jan 2001 14:55:10 -0500

> After running a Google AdWords campaign for a week,
> we've seen excellent results. We are receiving an
> overall 9% CTR for our client's generic search terms
> and competitor's names. Additionally, using post click
> behavior tracking, we have determined that keyword
> search advertising does not only bring excellent click
> thru rates, but also excellent return on investment.

In response to Google Success Story from Loren Baker

I was really interested in the results from the Google
campaign your client ran, as I've had a very different
experience. We've bought keyword sponsorships for a
couple of terms. This is different then the AdWords
program -- Sponsored results show up at the top of the
list, in a light pink highlighted area that says
"Sponsorship". Although our clickthrough rates (from
0.3% to 1.1%) have been higher than banner
clickthroughs, I find these results really
disappointing. My guess is that it's a lot lower than
clickthroughs for "regular" search engine results.
(Does anyone out there know?) My hypothesis is that
because it's separated out as a sponsored link, people
consciously overlook it and move on to the rest of the
list. Any thoughts on that?

Harley Ungar
Marketing Manager, Vindigo
VINDIGO helps you find the best
places to eat, shop and play
from your Palm OS handheld computer.
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Received on Tue Jan 16 2001 - 13:55:10 CST


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