Re: Google Success Story

From: Al Lierman <>
Date: Tue 23 Jan 2001 12:47:40 -0500

Thank you to Loren Baker, Jim Novo, and Miki Dzugan for
their recent posts about the successes they have had
with Google AdWords. I had looked into these ads
myself but was not convinced they would be effective.
Now I might have to reconsider.

Do you or any other list members have click-through
numbers for your AdWord placements? I understand that
they cost between $10 and $15 CPM; what I would like to
know is the click-through rate, and ultimately, the
resulting cost-per-click. Armed with that info we can
make an apples to apples comparison between AdWords and

My original thought process was that even with a decent
(compared to banner ads) 1% CTR, at a $15 CPM you are
paying, in effect, $1.50 per click. That $1.50 will
buy you a pretty high placement even on competitive
GoTo keywords.

Best regards to the Online-Ads community,

Al Lierman
President/CEO Planigent
Smart Business Plans and Strategies

Received on Tue Jan 23 2001 - 11:47:40 CST


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