Re: available banner exchanges

From: Nick Berry <>
Date: Thu 25 Jan 2001 13:42:16 -0500

> Forget the banner exchanges for the following reasons:
> 1. You will not have much control over the sites
> that your banner ad appears on so targeting the right
> eyeballs is difficult
> 2. Your ad will not appear as many times as the
> ads you are hosting (typically 2 of your ad will be
> shown for every 3 of theirs) so there is more chance of
> someone leaving your site via a banner than visiting
> your site via your banner
> 3. It is far more cost effective to pay for
> targeted banner placement and either remove the banners
> completely from your site (many of your visitors will
> be VERY pleased to come a cross a site that DOESN'T
> have banner ads and may well stay around for longer!)
> or at least get paid for placing them
> 4. Don't even think about banner ads until you
> have exhausted search engine placement, free and paid
> (e.g., far more cost effective


I'm not sure if I can agree with all your comments
about banner exchanges:

-You can have some say on which sites your banner
-You can get a return for every ad that you host - at
 AdvertWizard site owners get either 50% of the cost of
 the ad or a 1:1 exchange so you can earn cash as well
 as free advertising.

Whilst you are right that targeted campaigns and
buying/generating search engine traffic are cost
effective, you are wrong to say that these should be
done first to the exclusion of banners. Sites should
have a mix of different tools - some that generate
income, and some that generate traffic. Banners can
play an important and effective part of each, but as
part of a wider mix rather than in isolation.


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