CNET changes advertising...we should follow

From: Ramon Ray <>
Date: Fri 26 Jan 2001 11:25:52 -0500

Take a look at the following from
comments follow

CNET Gives Web Ad Design A Makeover

The banner ad, that ubiquitous rectangle stripped
across the top of Web pages world-wide, is getting a
makeover.With click-through rates down to a dismal
0.5%, CNET Networks will introduce new Web ad designs
by next week, The Wall Street Journal says. San
Francisco-based CNET hopes the changes will encourage
advertisers and agencies to embrace the Internet as a
promotional vehicle. The new designs will change the
shape and size of ads and provide more animation and
fancy graphics. CNET also intends to change the way
users interact with advertisements. Rather than
clicking on the ad and being transported to an
advertiser's site, the user can stay on the same page
and pull up detailed information within the

If publishers want to encourage more
advertising....steps like CNET as taken above are what
is needed. It's not enough to have the status quoe
anymore, but advertisers demand results, we (content
publishers) need to give it to them.

Online advertising is not dead, but we should sure
shake it up a bit.

Take a look at your Web site...are the ads boring and

1) Put some ads up their that keep the user, in the ad
2) Put up ads that really catch the eye. You don't want
   thousands of ads blinking all over your Web site, but
   make them glisten
3) When users scroll down your Web page....does a
   premium ad scroll with them?

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Received on Fri Jan 26 2001 - 10:25:52 CST


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