Re: Search Engine Promotions

From: Anthony Bowers <>
Date: Tue 30 Jan 2001 11:00:59 -0500

> Search Engines are being commercialized these days.
> Yahoo, LookSmart, and NBCi are making headlines.
> Presently, I feel that one good point is that Express
> Submission does not influence the ranking. But the days
> are numbered when paid ranking will also be there.
> There are hundreds of ways for them to make money.
> Should ranking in Search Engines not be kept away from
> money?

Paid ranking is already here. The best example I can
think of is Goto. Their results are used by a lot of
other search engines and directories. Personally I
don't think paid ranking is a bad thing.

If we look at the express submission for Yahoo and
Looksmart, the first thing that strikes us is "no
guarantee", on top of this if your site is rejected you
still have to pay the submission fee. Also you are at
the mercy of the categories that are already in place.
Although I think you can ask for a category to be
added... if you dare!!

Paid ranking however, allows you to attract a highly
targeted audience. If you only want people who look for
"real estate sydney" then that is the phrase you pay
for. I have clients who have had a lot of success with

The paid ranking system also eliminates fruitless web
searching. You know that with a paid ranking system
that results returned will match the phrase you

All The Best

Anthony Bowers
Web Consultant
Art In Focus Web design

Received on Tue Jan 30 2001 - 10:00:59 CST


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