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From: Ken Dardis <>
Date: Tue 27 Feb 2001 22:18:57 -0600


>A test should last at least 2 to 4 weeks. Results can
>then be viewed over a reasonable period of time. The
>advertiser should provide around 10 different banners.
>These should be tracked daily.

...and all for only $3 cpm.

The inability to get advertisers on less-traveled sites
is the most damaging threat to using the Internet for

While we toss remedies back and forth, someone needs
to point the finger at agencies and advertisers who
demand ridiculously low rates while expecting a high
degree of service or response.

IMHO, they are at the heart of what's holding the
industry back.

Place an ad on any major market radio station delivering
18 - 34, and you're likely to pay $17 - 23 CPM - for a
variety of folks in an audience with an incredibliy diverse
psychographics. Move to TV and the rate goes down. (But
there's more throw-away audience, and you pay for production.)

Try to sell a targeted web site audience and the
advertiser/agency offers a $2 - 5 cpm, wants you to change
out ads for testing, track them with a daily report, and
then they complain when click-throughs are at .4%.

It's not the responsiblity of the web site to deliver
click-throughs, that belongs to the agency. The web site is
only responsible for delivering exposure. (If you want
click-throughs sell a Lexus for $100.)

When placed on a specialty web site, an Internet ad will be
exposed to a group of people with closer psychographic
makeup than any other form of media. Therefore, selling
a specialty web site is like selling a classical music radio
station. You shouldn't need high numbers because the
audience is defined. Ultimately, as with any advertising,
reach and frequency is the key.

There are many people viewing this list who sell ads, and many
who buy. The following questions are asked of those who buy:

Why are you trying to beat down the cost of Internet
advertising when you know there is no better way to reach a
targeted audience?

Why are you demanding tests, logs, and click-throughs?
Tell a broadcaster or newspaper you want to 'test' an ad,
and let me know what they say when the laughing stops.
(The only thing I've ever seen presented to a client in my
30 years of broadcasting was an affidavit of performance.
All that did was confirm the commercial ran, not that it
reached 'x' number of people.)

Why do you insist on placing a different definition of 'success'
on the Internet than you expect from any other media?

As a web site owner, I'll deliver 'x' number of impressions
for 'x' amount of money. That rate will be determined by
how difficult it is to attract the type of people you're looking
for. Ask the owner of this list how difficult it is to attract
people who are only intersted in advertising.

Advertising is not a science. Any account rep that promises
results is making up a story. Results come from a combination
of creative, what media is bought, the frame of mind the audience
member is in, and what the client is offering in an ad. Results
are not guaranteed for any advertising campaign, they are hoped

With the Internet we have a new media for exposure.
To expect more, while offering to pay less, will only
guarantee those web sites that deliver exactly the
type of person you want to reach will soon be gone.

Then you can take your 'buy' back to that radio station
which delivers a broad 18 - 34 crowd, while charging
a $17 - 23 cpm.

...and if you've heard radio lately, there soon won't be
many people in that audience either.

Ken Dardis
Audio Graphics, Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio

Received on Tue Feb 27 2001 - 22:18:57 CST


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