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From: Barbara Sybal <>
Date: Mon 12 Mar 2001 10:49:03 -0600


> My problem is this: Goto says that they only charge
> for valid click thrus and from what I read on their site,
> a valid click thru would be more than a user clicking on
> the ad from their site - going to the home page and then
> going back to goto. I would not consider this a valid
> click thru..........any suggestions on this please.

I tried GoTo for about a year, thought it was pretty
useless for a B2B site (lynch mob, hold back!), but
that's neither here nor there I suppose (for those
ready to lynch me, yes, I definitely was very
careful in the titles and descriptions to ensure
that I only received visitors that I wanted).

You can assign internal pages to various keywords
or key phrases if GoTo's only objection is your
main page that locks visitors in your site.

You may want to ask them if you absolutely must
refer visitors to your main page in any of your
purchases -- if not, they should be able to accept
your site.


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