Re: Branding & Marketing

From: Joe Spataro <>
Date: Wed 14 Mar 2001 17:53:26 -0600


>If all the above is true, and these visitors are loyal,
>chances are that branding has worked well for you --
>despite not having spent millions. And now, hopefully,
>you can see my point: you can't "buy" your way into
a brand.

Couldn't agree more.
People want service and you try to cross-sell to them
to stay alive

We have followed a "bonsai tree" strategy and slowly
built a semi-loyal base that comes again and again.
People are remarkably fickle and follow the "what have
you done for me lately" strategy. While I commiserate
with many of the comments I have read and have suffered
with the decrease in banner advertising revenue, the
sites that have a sound service strategy will survive.

My 2 cents
(now reduced to 0.5 cents with the dotbomb shakeout!!)


Joe Spataro <>
Homeschool Zone - Communities - Women's Health -

Received on Wed Mar 14 2001 - 17:53:26 CST


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