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From: John Gaskill <>
Date: Mon 26 Mar 2001 09:18:11 -0600


>What is the definition of an online ad? It COULD be
>all-encompassing to say the least, but it really should
>NOT be and maybe that's why there is so much confusion
>on the Internet today and why these discussions go off
>on tangents.

Are brochures advertising? POP sales literature?
Flyers? Matchbooks? Free samples?

It seems to me that the definition of advertising online
should be the same the definition as advertising offline.

The fact that our discussions go off on tangents has
more to do with personal definitions than those found
in dictionaries or thesauri. As for confusion... well that's
universal. Who needs the internet for confusion???

>P&G's own websites are not what I consider advertising.
>Their websites are their "virtual stores". Like
>placing products on a shelf. They are information
>centers, not ads - as I said previously... "I bet
>you won't find the big boys doing online advertising -
>they'll be doing interactive online product and service
>websites instead. "

I suspect that somewhere in the marketing budget
for P&G there is a line item for "internet advertising"
where the cost of these virtual stores is allocated.
I also suspect that the P&G folks monitor the sales
effect of these virtual store units.

>Ads convince you why to buy a product. Websites do not
>necessarily do that - they provide information on
>products & they CAN sell you products, but it's not
>the same as an "online ad" and it's hard to explain.

What is the definition of convince? Lots of web sites
I have visited recently do a very good job of selling
the items they offer.

Two particular sites worth looking are models of
efficiency at convincing you to buy and test their
product. Both are good examples of the merger of
online media with good advertising technique and
practice. Check them out:

>I relate advertising online to running banner ads on
>sites you do not own. Or sponsoring another company's
>website. Or sending mass e-mailings. Advertising that
>is a paid placement in another transmission vehicle that
>reaches a specific audience.

The showcards a department store uses in-store are
advertising tools no different than those Coca-Cola
billboards sprinkled by the highway. Like Coke, store
operators know that customers are more likely to
make an in-store detour than make a return trip.

Are the broadsides hung in a window facing the
street not also advertising?

Why worry about changing the definition of
advertising for online techniques when the
language we share offers plenty of flexibility
to explain the nuances?

Regards all,

John Gaskill
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