Creating loyal consumers

From: Amit Shanghavi <>
Date: Tue 27 Mar 2001 08:18:21 -0600

Hi all,

Some partners and I have started up a 'e-community'
online advertising service catering to the South Asian
market. This market was chosen mainly for testing
reasons as we wish to roll out of e-marketing services
to different communities in North America. We found
that the South Asian market of consumers lack computer
skills (however are trying their best to learn) and so
this would be an excellent market to implement such a
service. I was wondering if any of you who have many
years of expereince and knowledge in this field could
give me some advice about how to go about setting up a
site that will create loyal consumers. We will be
providing news and additional content to give the
consumers more reasons to repeat visit.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Amit Shanghavi
DynamASIA Limited

Received on Tue Mar 27 2001 - 08:18:21 CST


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