RE: Google Keyword Buys

From: Michael Ehlenberger <>
Date: Wed 28 Mar 2001 08:55:25 -0600

Keyword buys can be very effective, and I know many
advertisers who continue to renew keyword buys with
our search engines. The issue with keywords is that
many times the actual availability may be quite low
(ie., number of times keyword comes up, and how many
other advertisers are in the rotation for those

Also, we are now doing allot of great targeting
through our ISP partners. We are able to target based
on profile groups, and where they are surfing. In other
words, you could deliver a car ad to a 18-27 y/o male
while he is looking at ...... This
particular method is working quite well, and I'd be
happy to speak with anyone interested in learning more
about it.

All the best!

Michael Ehlenberger
Director, Business Development
Premium Network, Inc.
408.360.9895 direct
415.284.1444 San Francisco office

Received on Wed Mar 28 2001 - 08:55:25 CST


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