RE: and taller ads

From: Stefanie Nelson <>
Date: Mon 02 Apr 2001 13:22:18 -0600


>If the Web pages just look like so much advertising,
>there is no reason for the surfers to stay....Surfers
>know they have plenty of choices.

Perhaps we should agree to disagree here, but I'm too
damn stubborn ;-) So, I ask: if sites can't get
advertisers, how do you expect them to stay in business?
And how do you expect advertisers to buy space on sites
if the ads are too small for an effective message? I
repeat: no advertisers equals no sites, and then there
will be NO ALTERNATIVES for anti-advertising visitors
to go.

As with any medium, if you want your free information
and entertainment, you will have to put up with the
"message from our sponsor". And we know from experience
that there simply are not enough people out there willing
to pay a subscription fee to support an ad-free site.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm not saying online ads
should have sound and unlimited animation - sound should
ALWAYS be user initiated, and animation should be limited
to a 3x loop - especially as ad sizes increase.

All I'm saying is that the trend towards larger ad units
is both necessary and imminent.

Stefanie Nelson
Sumus Interactive

Received on Mon Apr 02 2001 - 14:22:18 CDT


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