Re: On sources of traffic

From: Tod Foley <>
Date: Tue 03 Apr 2001 09:25:55 -0600


>Any feedback out there on Zeus and its effectiveness?

I'm a ZeusMaster (he said proudly), and I think it's
a very valuable tool IF (a) you are interested in
maintaining a large themed Links Directory on your site
and (b) you're willing to spend the time to work with
it on a weekly basis (at least). Zeus needs to be
"trained" so he can get a sense of which words are
most meaningful to you, and unfortunately, this takes
many hours of time at first. It's fascinating to
watch, though, and he does turn up a lot of arcane
stuff you never would have found otherwise.

The tutorial is a little pedantic, but you should
follow it, and do it *in order*. Enter TEACH mode
for an hour or two, starting off from a site that
has a lot of front-page links that match your keywords
(industry portals and personal link collections are
good for this). Whenever Zeus stops and asks you for
a word frequency, he is asking how closely the word found
resembles a word that is of interest to you (i.e., your
site's keywords). ***Important: Be sparing with the
high word scores or you'll get lots of unwanted stuff
you'll have to weed out later.*** Use "Unique" ONLY
when Zeus really hits a keyword or theme dead-on.
Tell him to "Ignore" most words he sees for a while,
until he gets the hang of your themes. If your site
is about flowers (for instance), I'd say "flower" is
only "slightly unique" (since it also appears on a lot
of sites that aren't really about flowers at all).
Specific types of flowers would probably be "unique"
(except for commonly-used words like "rose") and the
names of specific manufacturers or distributors you
work with would be "very unique". Likewise for very
specific phrases germane to the flower industry -
they're not likely to show up on pages that *aren't*
about flowers, so they'd be "unique" or "very unique".

My Zeus Directory is located at

Feel free to check it out, or write me off-list if
you have any questions.

- Tod Foley
As If Productions - Interactive Worlds and
Immersive Obsessions ~ - Webmaster Resources & Affiliate
Listings ~ - Alternative Gifts, Entertainment,
News & Community ~

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