Re: On sources of traffic

From: Barbara Sybal <>
Date: Thu 05 Apr 2001 10:05:00 -0600


> My Zeus Directory is located at

This will probably seem like I'm picking on you,
but it really is meant as a way for me to
see if link popularity works.

I've seen "link popularity" touted as the next
be-all-and-end-all of the next generation of being
found online,so your link site above was a good
opportunity for me to see if there is any evidence
of this.

This is obviously very unscientific, but I used
AltaVista and Google's advanced "link:" search
to see if all the links you have, have linked
back to you (which I presume is the whole
point of using something like Zues, or
if ambitious, links found manually).

I was disappointed by the results: AltaVista
showed only 5 links to your site. Google
came up with 114, but the 1st and 2nd
page came up with a total of 3 domains,
and 1 of them was yours (for a total
of 2 outside links on the first 20 results).

In Google, I took that search 1 step further
and entered "alternative music" and "weird
gifts" (no quotes, and it seemed like these are
terms you use to describe your site). Your
site doesn't show up at all in the first 20
results for alternative music, but you do
show up in the top 10 for weird gifts
(analysis would then need to be made
for percentage of users using these terms).

I'm not sure how convinced I am at this
point to spend "hours" on a themed
link section (it ever-so reminds me
of the 'net in 1994/95).

For the time that you spend on the links,
can you tell us what you feel is successful
about it? Do you see it as the future
(or back to the future)? Do you think
that by starting now, you'll be ahead of
the game when link popularity takes off?


 Barb Sybal

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