Re: User Behaviour and Online Advertising

From: Marina Girju <>
Date: Thu 05 Apr 2001 10:10:36 -0600


> Glad to see someone asking about behavior as a means
> of targeting advertising; past customer behavior is a
> much more reliable indicator than demographics ever
> will be.

> Customer behavior is not subject to the same "noise" as
> demographic information. Either a customer bought or
> they didn't, they clicked or they didn't. Demographic
> data is frequently corrupted by the goals of the user
> or the inaccuracies of data cleansing techniques.

> One vendor providing behavior-based ad targeting is
> Engage. They may be early, but they're right.

Yes, there are a couple of companies out there that seem
to be focused on this. Their approaches are pretty
different and of course there are advantages and
disadvantages with their technologies or ways of
implementation. Take a look at PureMatch. It may be
new but it looks like it surely understands the
customer behavior and respects his/her privacy! With
these mounting privacy concerns and issues ....
Personalization without getting personal!

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