Re: On sources of traffic

From: Tod Foley <>
Date: Tue 10 Apr 2001 10:05:40 -0600


>This will probably seem like I'm picking on you, but it
>really is meant as a way for me to see if link
>popularity works.

No problem, Barb. Just allow me to point out first that
if that had been Linda's original question, I probably
wouldn't have answered her. Secondly, although I wear a
lot of hats, I'm more of a designer/developer than I am
a marketer. I mention this to point out that my
priorities are probably not the same as most of the people
on this list. (BTW, I'm being brief for the list's sake,
feel free to write me off-list if you want to discuss
further.) is probably *not* a good opportunity to
make general assumptions about the value of link
popularity, although my link directory is a good example
of what Zeus is capable of. I consider link popularity
alongside with SEO, advertising, word-of-mouth,
newsletters and other forms of promotion, as being *one*
of the things a webmaster needs to bear in mind. No
single technique or approach is the end-all-be-all, and
I'm sure different technologies apply best to different
kinds of sites.

Some reasons your analysis won't be useful (at least in
this case): (1) Link popularity does not concern itself
with the ranking of inbound links, only their *number*,
so whether a link is listed on google's first page or
50th makes no difference. (2) I do *not* contact the
majority of webmasters on my links list, therefore most
of them don't even know I exist (until they start
noticing traffic coming in from my domain). I consider
my Zeus directory to be more about *traffic* than link
popularity; from this perspective it has served me very
well, and a large percentage of surfers go from the links
list into the mall proper. (3) In addition, my Zeus pages
themselves have begun to show up in some SEs; so now Zeus
(who says "I dont need no stinkin search engines") is
actually part of my SEO strategy! Every little bit helps.
(4) Unrelated, but in my own defense, the key phrase
"alternative music" is a REALLY TOUGH ONE!

In summation: Yes, I do feel Zeus is successful, but I
see him as a traffic generator, SEO aide and "content
generator". Michael Martinez made some great points
about content pages a couple days ago - much of what he
said applies here as well. Is it the future? I don't
know if you mean Zeus or link popularity, but I think
they both *have* a future. LP is becoming important for
a couple SEs already. As for the future of Zeus, to get a
better understanding of that you need to look at the big
picture: go to

Do I think I'll be ahead of the game when LP takes off?
I tend to be an early adopter in general, since it behooves
me as a designer to experiment with these things. After
all, my next design client might want one. But I wouldn't
EVER put all my eggs in one basket. It takes a thousand
little things to make a site fly.

Tod Foley

As If Productions - Interactive Worlds and Immersive

Received on Tue Apr 10 2001 - 11:05:40 CDT


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