Re: On sources of traffic

From: Michael Martinez <>
Date: Fri 13 Apr 2001 10:55:52 -0600


> is probably *not* a good opportunity to
>make general assumptions about the value of link
>popularity, although my link directory is a good example
>of what Zeus is capable of. I consider link popularity
>alongside with SEO, advertising, word-of-mouth,
>newsletters and other forms of promotion, as being *one*
>of the things a webmaster needs to bear in mind. No
>single technique or approach is the end-all-be-all, and
>I'm sure different technologies apply best to different
>kinds of sites.

Hear, hear!

I'm sure that too often I must sound like I'm propounding
the One True Principle (of the moment, or as I see it).
I try to provide my comments and opinions within a given
context, but there is a BIG PICTURE and for the average
Webmaster -- who is determined to look at that big
picture -- there are a lot of tradeoffs.

And though I have some reservations about Zeus, in
general we are in agreement about link popularity. I
have yet to see any indication that Google, Altavista, or
Inktomi are taking their own rankings into consideration
(although it would be a hoot to watch the programmers pull
their hair out over THAT concept).

Michael Martinez
 Science Fiction and Fantasy
  Visualizing Middle-earth, a book for all Tolkien fans

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