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From: David Van Der Merwe <>
Date: Tue 01 May 2001 10:38:36 -0500


> I would like to find a piece of software that we
> enable me to really measure our online advertising
> campaigns beyond page impressions and clicks. I would
> like to know how many people register with our site
> and how many people actually become paid members from
> each banner campaign we run. Does anyone know of
> anything we can purchase to perform this task.

Your question is one that I believe many advertisers
want to know. Quantifying which ads and publishers
are performing best allows you to optimize your campaign
accordingly and give your ROI a boost while the campaign
is still running.

It goes without saying that measuring your ROI is not
possible without effectively measuring the conversion
of the users driven to your site by the advertising
you have worked hard to place. So, even if you have
impression and clickthrough data from publishers, you
still need to measure what those users are doing once
they reach your site. Are they dropping off during a
sign-up process or abandoning shopping carts? Are they
coming back a few days, or even weeks, later to convert?
How much are users spending and where did they come from?

To measure this activity effectively you need to use a
post-click measurement system that is Web-based, flexible
and simple to implement, yet robust and reliable at the
same time. With such a system in place you will know
what changes need to be made and can manage your buys
more effectively. You could also manage a small affiliate
or CPA campaign using the results gathered from
customizable campaign reporting.

Hope this helps,
DvM - David Van Der Merwe
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