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From: Adam Lasnik <>
Date: Fri 04 May 2001 10:50:33 -0500


> in the end...content sites will need to umbrella under
> Network like brands much, like cable channels do under
> cable providers. There are to many content producers
> for consumers to subscribe individually at a cost rate
> they will pay and the provider can afford to process
> the transaction at.

While this "under-one-roof" makes sense, and would
probably be advantageous, I respectfully disagree that
it is the only way to go.

The cost of accepting payments now (via services such
as PayPal and the Amazon Honor System) has been reduced
drastically... available with no
monthly fees or setup charges.

Additionally, various one-click services (built into the
browser, with add-on software, etc.) make signing up for
services like Salon's Premium Offering pretty quick and

I know I've subscribed to various sites
(searchenginewatch, and soon, Salon), and for those sites
and companies that develop a loyal following... I don't
see why the lack of a network would be a signficant
barrier. After all, a great number of people still pay
separate bills for various offline magazines, and that's
even more of a pain (no one-click there <grin>)

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