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From: Janet Attard <>
Date: Mon 07 May 2001 13:35:22 -0500


> But then, I can't find
> any really interesting content at
> which will keep me coming
> back. Their "Helpful hardware hints" section is just
> a pitch section. No one is going to pay for access to
> those tips.

> But, to answer your question directly: Most people
> don't want to pay for views of Web sites. It's hard
> enough to get them to pay for files to download (such
> as electronic books -- people will, of course, buy
> software). Getting people to pay for the privilege of
> viewing a Web page, that takes some really fine content.

What it takes to get people to pay for content on the
web is to offer something they can't get elsewhere, or
which is perceived as being something they can't get
elsewhere. They buy software because they can't create
it themselves - or can't create it as easily as they can
buy it.

People also pay for convenience - If they can't get the
same convenience free elsewhere, of if it's an impulse

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