RE: Buying Ad Space for specific target

From: Janet Attard <>
Date: Mon 07 May 2001 13:39:45 -0500


>I'm new to this list. I have an website that attracts a
>very specific demographic - women, especially
>expectant mothers, their families, ...

>I'm trying to find out what companies I might work with
>who could sell banner ads for my site.

As I suspect others have mentioned, you are likely to
have difficulty finding a company that will sell ads
for you until you have a reasonable amount of traffic.
But once you do start getting traffic, I'd suggest you
ask a lot of questions before signing up with any agency
to sell your ads. There are so many who sell ads at such
low rates that you just can't make any money. I'd also
advise against signing any exclusivity agreements.

I'd also strongly advise you to have multiple income
streams for your site. Advertising revenues alone won't
support most sites.

You may want to check out some of the information we
have on about internet marketing.
We'll be adding quite a bit more in the near future.

Janet Attard, author
- The Home Office and Small Business Answer Book
- Business Know-How: An Operational Guide for Home-Based
and Micro-Sized Businesses
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