Pop Ups and Exit Traffic (was The advertising industry brought the banner ad) down.

From: Rob Frankel <>
Date: Mon 14 May 2001 13:22:02 -0500


>I've hard that pop-up windows are effective at getting
>click-throughs. I'm not convinced of this though, because
>whenever I see a pop-up window, I usually leave a site
>or close the pop-up window (I close the window so fast,
>I think only my subsconscious is aware of what was on the

>Do any of you have success with pop-up ads or have you
>heard of businesses that have had success with pop-up
>ads? The only way I could see them being effective
>would be if they popped-up as a visitor was leaving a

>What do you think?

Okay, maybe it's just coincidence, but here's what happened
to me:

On my main site, I added an EXIT window that pops up only
one time, when you actually leave the home page. I wanted
to make sure that people didn't have to dig through the
whole site and miss anything I've got to sell.

On the site for my book and tapes, I added an INTRO window
that tells the user about the product updates (i.e.,
latest universities and colleges that use it, etc.).

I made the windows small. Kept the tone friendly and
informal. And sales did indeed go up.

My conclusion: if you deploy pop-ups judiciously and
make them less intrusive than they can be, they really
can work. I also recommend using no more than one
pop up per web visit. make up your mind when
and where you want it to pop and leave it at that.

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