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From: Denise Turney <>
Date: Mon 21 May 2001 11:26:25 -0500


>We've dealt with several optimization companies with
>awful results. We even went to
>and hired one of their "moderators" who is supposed to
>be a guru. At what I couldn't guess.
>The engines are hit and miss and the optimizers know it.
>The way they make their $ is, in my opinion, the shot-gun
>approach. They create a lot of sites and links and cross
>their fingers. Sure, I could get you a good rank for
>"purple polka-dot shoes", but how about "shoes" or
>"discount shoes"?

Before anyone signs a contract to promote their site in
any way, I'd strongly suggest they spend 3-6 months
promoting their site theirself. You may gain better
results (you know your product, your site and have more
passion for your business than anyone else ever could).
Self-promotion will also allow you to see how much work
goes into effective website promotion. That way when
you hear a business tell you how much traffic/how many
sales they can bring you just-like-that, you'll know

Denise Turney
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