Re: Misspelled domain name scam

From: Janet Fouts <>
Date: Wed 23 May 2001 11:40:29 -0500


>Strikes me you aren't losing anything here as the
>frames are invisible - it's truly odd though, why
>would they do that? Here is the address of the
>Registrant: CJB Management, Inc.
>3050 Burbank Road Wooster, OH 44691
>630 214 6014

I traced it back too, and interestingly enough, a search
on the Google forums finds a huge number of complaints
about, and an article :
I've sent multiple e-mails to them, NSI and ICANN to
no avail.

The real killer is that we got a phone call this week
from someone at Bank of America asking us for an e-mail
address for someone who doesn't work here. When we asked
what it was about, they said that they loved our work,
and he was giving a presentation there the next day,
and she needed to e-mail requirements! Unfortunately
the person taking the call didn't get a name or number,
and the call wasn't traceable with *69 or caller ID,
so we can't track them down.

Glad they liked our work... wonder how many other
jobs we're missing!

I've busted the frames, and put a tracker on the IP
address so I can back track who is coming through that
domain, but still....

Thanks for the support,
Janet Fouts

Received on Wed May 23 2001 - 11:40:29 CDT


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