Re: Pop Ups and Exit Traffic (was The advertising industry brought the banner ad) down.

From: Rob Frankel <>
Date: Wed 23 May 2001 12:10:56 -0500


>I found the popups as annoying as I find them on any site.
>You mention that your sales increased. But did your sales
>increase because of the popups or because you were
>concurrently running your promotion for FrankelTips,
>which undoubtedly brought your extensive FrankelBiz
>afficionadoes to the site to sign up? (Notice how
>virus-like I'm being?)

That's the weird part. The increased sales were NOT
from FrankelTips OR FrankelBiz people. And believe me,
I checked!

>At first, I actually looked at
>the intro popup because I couldn't believe you actually
>did this! I visited your site two or three more times
>after that and I can definitely tell you that I clicked
>the popups out of existence even before they fully
>loaded. But the key question is, will this stop me from
>visiting in the future? Not any less than your
>self-proclaimed *obnoxious* bobbing head has. The fact is
>that if the content or draw is appealing for the most part,
>then we viewers will put up with the less appealing stuff.
>Why not, it's your site and you perform a valuable service,
>e.g., your branding forum. But most significantly, despite
>your bobbing head and popups, I still added to your coffer.

Ummm, thank you. But you know I love you guys anyway


>My conclusion: if you deploy pop-ups judiciously and
>make them less intrusive than they can be, they really can
>work. I also recommend using no more than one pop up per
>web visit. make up your mind when and where you want it
>to pop and leave it at that.


>I'm still curious (legitimately) about your conclusion that
>popups might increase sales. Is your conclusion based on
>actual tracking and analysis of the popup traffic and usage
>in connection with sales, or just a guess because your
>sales increased?

Pretty much the latter. I really had no other press
mention during that period and the FrankelTips promotion
-- for that time period -- was limited to the FrankelBiz
community and my client list. During that time period,
the sales did indeed go up, but none of them matched with
either member list, although some time AFTER the sales,
I did see a few new members trickle in that did match.
So the sales occurred before anyone became a member or
received any promotional messages, best as I can tell.

I think the pop-up may not necessarily appeal MORE to
the less-sophisticated web user; it may just offend less.
To those users, I really do think that it served to
summarize the availability of what people can buy (or
get for free) from the site in one quick shot. I
personally find most pop-ups -- maybe even my own --
bothersome and even annoying. However, I chose not to
let my own personal preferences interfere with the
potential effectiveness and I think -- I mean I suspect --
that in this case, it may have worked.

Rob Frankel, "Yes, I really do turn users into evangelists
for your brand."
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Received on Wed May 23 2001 - 12:10:56 CDT


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