Re: Self-Syndication

From: Brandi Jasmine <>
Date: Thu 31 May 2001 12:02:30 -0500


>Most of the people who don't write well enough to get
>paid aren't being paid. Hence, their syndication efforts,
>if any are making them (and I've only seen a few who are),
>are limited to their own distribution networks.

I was nominated for a national magazine award but I guess
I don't write "well enough" because I have had zero
interest from the syndicates <g>. I guess their lack of
interest has nothing to do with their interest in selling
me an over-priced "self-syndication" solution.

>The majority of original content on my site is written
>by me (outside of what's posted to the forums, of course).
>I would have to to constantly update remote feeds and I

I have a JavaScript that does that automatically and
rotates my daily content. It costs me nothing. It takes
me no more time to update it than it would if I didn't
sell it.In fact it actually saves me time. I give it away
on my web site - anyone who wants the URL feel free to
contact me.

>just don't have time for that. But I doubt anyone would
>pay for most of it, since my news articles eventually get
>reposted or duplicated on other sites.

I suspect your content would not sell well because fan
fiction and even fan reporting does not sell well. I do
fan art myself - couldn't sell it to save my life. There
are some things people won't pay for. That doesn't mean
there is NOTHING they will pay for. And there are other
ways to leverage it if they won't pay. Including an ad or
a link back to your site with it is another way to return
value on the effort.

>essays for another site, and have republished some in a
>book that is selling well, if not burning up the besteller
>lists. But then, I didn't set out to make money off what
>I write. That's not a loss. It's a gain.

That's "basic" Xenite economics I guess?


>Newspapers on the other hand make a pretty good game out
>of cobranding and syndicating their content, because
>that was built into their world-view to begin with.


>If that were really the case, the major newspaper sites
>wouldn't be cutting back on their staff or shutting down
>their online operations altogether.

The major newspaper sites just might have OTHER issues to
contend with right now - like the recession, convergence
of media, competition in large markets the cost of gasoline
and paper for starters - that have ZERO to do with
syndicating their online content. Just about all of the
majors are involved in Screaming Media or iSyndicate and
it's one of the few areas where they do make money with
relatively little incremental costs.

>I've worked with a lot of small businesses. <snip!>
>...Lots of personal anecdotes clipped ...

That's YOUR experience. You keep forgetting that there is
a "rest of the world" out here, and you make the mistake
of assuming that your experience is going to cover broad
spectrums of media - it does not!

>But I'm pretty sure the local hardware store can only tell
>you how to hammer a nail so many times.

Boy talk about a bad example! There are magazines galore
on the topic of home improvement. We have a whole TV network
up here - Home and Garden TV - that people watch religiously.
If they can come up with enough hardware-related material to
go 24 hours a day on TV surely a creative store manager can
come up with some readable weekly tips. If they can't -
then maybe they have contractors who would be willing to toss
in some tips once or twice a week.

>The same problem exists for the power tool industry, auto
>repair industry, etc., etc.

The same OPPORTUNITY is there. Car tips, maintenance
reminders (my mechanic calls me - I'd rather have the
quarterly oil-change reminder in email), the latest news
about Firestone tires, a Q&A "Lemon Aid" column, developments
in technology, news on the latest auto shows, car models -
Heck I know ZIP about cars, this is only an exercise in
rhetoric for me - not the lifeblood of my business - and I
can still come up with dozens of ideas. A motivated mechanic
could blow us away with his or her ideas.

>You're right about one thing. It's NOT rocket science.
>It's basic economics.

Xenite economics again maybe. I must be some kind of freakish
mutant - a writer who can't write well enough to get
published by Screaming Media ... but who somehow manages to
make enough money from the "impossible" world of
self-syndication to get by. Maybe I just imagined the whole


Brandi Jasmine
Writer, Digital Photographer, Illustrator -

Received on Thu May 31 2001 - 12:02:30 CDT


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