Re: Unwanted Audio Ads (why not just turn speakers off?)

From: Mark Welch <>
Date: Mon 02 Jul 2001 11:09:00 -0500


>why don't you simply turn your sound off before you
>go surfing to entertainment sites on company time, or
>keep it off altogether?

Let me stress that as our company's Chief Strategist,
my job includes surfing entertainment sites where we
might want to advertise. And I mostly work alone
from a home office, so even the "Dr. Ruth" audio
(mentioned in another post) wouldn't get me in
trouble (there are no kids here).

But the real point of my post wasn't about getting
fired: it was about who should control what I hear
from my computer. I think it should be me, not the
marketing team for Spielberg's latest film. I can
tolerate a lot of attention-grabbing efforts by
internet marketers, but shouting in my ear isn't one
of them.

I have sound on all the time, because I believe it's
important that I know when new email has arrived (one
of my roles is the interim Affiliate Program Manager,
which requires pretty fast response to affiliate
applications and questions). I use a unique sound to
alert me to the arrival of new email (it actually
sounds like envelopes dropping into a mailbox, "click

I also like to hear the audio error messages that
occasionally crop up while using my computer.

Sometimes I also have a CD of instrumental or jazz
music playing softly in the background, though I
suppose that might not be allowed in a cubicle

I don't like the idea of being forced to change the
way I use my computer, just because someone else wants
to force their advertising message into my frame of

I understand that some folks think that if you go
to any entertainment site, such as a web site that
provides text reviews of new movies, you should
expect anything, including unrequested streaming audio
and video. I don't agree, and I won't do business
with folks who use unwanted audio. That's why I
pulled the plug on any further discussions involving
any advertising by MovieGoods on any Real Networks
web sites.

Mark Welch

Received on Mon Jul 02 2001 - 11:09:00 CDT


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