Re: More visitors,more pages...what would you do?

From: Rob Frankel <>
Date: Tue 03 Jul 2001 10:44:21 -0500


>What would you do in my case? (if advice based in
>"real life" experiences the best, thanks)

>- Let the site to consolidate even more on the market
>and think about close it later, maybe another year?
>- Take the risk now and close it and start getting
>money from it?
>- Look for alternatives on getting money from it
>besides the subscription schema? Ideas?

Most of the business I've gotten in the last months
have been on monetizing web businesses. The worst
cases are those who relied on free product to build
their user bases and had no way of monetizing them.

It can be done, as I did when hundreds of FrankelBiz
members gladly paid annual fees for their FrankelTips
subscriptions -- in less than two weeks.

If you've started with a strong brand, you can grow
all kinds of pay to play programs from that brand.
But you do have to start with a brand.

Most importantly, NOTHING pisses off users more than
changing the rules. They don't mind price hikes. But
getting charged for what was once free will alienate
them from you forever.

Rob Frankel, "Yes, I really do turn users into evangelists
 for your brand."
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