RE: desktop branding market

From: Simon Lusted <>
Date: Thu 05 Jul 2001 11:01:27 -0500


> Are your clients happy or upset about the proliferation
> of fan developed desktop gizmos (screensavers,
> wallpaper, browser skins, etc.) available on the web?

We develop such gizmo's (as well as advanced email
games that spread throughout friendship groups) for a
range of clients (including some world wide brands and
some license material like TV characters etc).

We've found that our clients see the enormous potential
of desktop marketing however they are all very concerned
about having control over the message, and how it is

In this sense they're concerned about their brand being
effected. As far as I know they turn a blind eye to
personal fan sites (because going after them can create
negative publicity). However if their brand/character/
image was being distributed for commercial gain they'd
be very upset, obviously..

On the whole I think some forward looking companies
are seeking to develop 'official' versions before
personal fan site versions take hold (particularly in
the realm of licensed characters etc) and also because
this form of marketing/promotion/content is so effective.

Simon Lusted
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