RE: Will you be here in a year

From: Ron Sheridan <>
Date: Fri 06 Jul 2001 09:11:05 -0500


> Just out of curiosity - is anybody out there who is
> still doing OK with 100% advertising model? By OK I
> mean at least breaking even.


>I'm not happy with the 100% advertising model (more on
>that in a moment), but we're doing much better than
>breaking even. I attribute our success with ad sales at
> to the fact that we have a
>highly visible site in a niche where many of our site
>visitors are decision-makers for purchases of products
>in a very competitive technology marketplace.
>Advertisers have come to us, knowing that the content
>we provide draws the people they most want to reach.
>We've never diluted our ad space with banner swaps or
>low CPM affiliate arrangements, so all the ads we run
>are directly relevant to site visitors.

A friend of mine runs He specializes in
selling advertising for high value content sites. I'll
email him your post and see what he says.

BTW: your site rocks! I am a hard core Outlook user so
I have bookmarked your site. I've been thinking about
learning to program with Outlook.

Your post really hits all the big bullet points that I
touch on when I am taking to site publishers about the
challenges of running a site and really managing revenue
generation. With programming and site management most
of your efforts are productive. With selling most of
your sales calls are not.

Selling is a real time suck for most people.

Good Luck!

Ron Sheridan

Received on Fri Jul 06 2001 - 09:11:05 CDT


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