Re: CPA vs. CPM the issue?

From: Carmen Paulino <>
Date: Tue 10 Jul 2001 10:47:23 -0500


>Yeah, but the only clicking you hear is my defining
>branding again....Banners don't brand anything. They
>may help raise awareness for a brand, but that's
>advertising, not branding.

To a large extent, I agree with you, Rob. But that's
too much of a blanket statement. We can, in fact,
integrate some branding elements in an ad campaign
(better used if it supports a separate and more
concentrated branding plan). In banners and tiles,
use of colors, look and feel, logo, corporate slogans
support branding efforts. Ultimately, I agree that
ads are better for raising awareness, not for
developing brand quality, strength and recognition.
Which brings me to another point.

Too often we are approached by companies who want to
advertise and concurrently achieve outstanding ROI
without ever having spent a penny or an ounce of
effort in a branding plan and implementation. As the
agency, the best we can do under that circumstance is
to incorporate as many branding and awareness raising
elements as possible in an advertisement. But as Rob
says, that's not the best method for achieving goals.
Companies want to quickly penetrate the market and
capture a share of a market that invariably already
has well-established -- and often deeper-pocketed --
competitors. How can a company possibly expect to most
successfully and profitably penetrate the market if no
one knows who that company is or what it stands for?
Advertising is only one element of a whole marketing
strategy, plan, and implementation.

Carmen Paulino

Received on Tue Jul 10 2001 - 10:47:23 CDT


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