Re: CPA vs. CPM the issue?

From: Rob Frankel <>
Date: Thu 12 Jul 2001 12:00:01 -0500


>Yeah, but the only clicking you hear is my defining
>branding again....Banners don't brand anything. They
>may help raise awareness for a brand, but that's
>advertising, not branding.


>Not true. Herewith some facts:
>1. 70 years of research show a direct relation between
>awareness and sales.
>2. If one is aware of an entity one must have an attitude
>towards it. There are three elements of attitude:
>Cognitive (rational belief), affective (emotional feeling),
>and conative (action tendency). A psychological
>phenomenon known as homeostasis keeps the three in balance.
>So, if a banner simply makes people feel good about a
>brand, the rational belief and action tendency (buy!)
>towards the brand will improve. That's branding, and
>today the humble banner is probably the lowest cost
>branding tool available.

Um, no. That's awareness. And brands need awareness,
for sure. But awareness does not make a brand. The
brand is the brand. Awareness is awareness. Although
this may seem to be a hair-splitting distinction, I
assure you, it's among the top mistakes that cost
businesses billions of bucks every year in real dollars
and lost productivity.

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