Re: CPA vs. CPM the issue?

From: Rob Frankel <>
Date: Tue 24 Jul 2001 13:28:45 -0500


>On the branding versus awareness issue:

>I despair at what I read here and elsewhere. Putting
>your logo or even a slogan in front of someone does
>not build a brand. That is the result of more
>meaningful interaction.

>"Yes, I recognize that logo" is awareness. It is not
>the creation of a brand.

>And it gets worse. I was brand manager at a Fortune
>50. We learned that people recognized our logo and
>that we were on their "unaided recall list." Problem
>was, our potential customers would say, "Yes, I know
>them. They're too expensive and overly complicated."

>Let's see if this helps: If I tell you hundreds of
>times that I am trustworthy, I make you aware that I
>claim to be trustworthy. But I have not yet earned a
>"trustworthy" brand. That comes (if you are
>intelligent) only after you have had an interaction
>with me that proves to you that I am trustworthy.
>It's the difference in two responses: "Yes, I have
>heard of them. They claim to be trustworthy." As
>opposed to, "They are trustworthy. I found that out
>when I had to return a product."

>Does that help?

EXACTLY! Everyone knows about cancer -- but how many
people want it?

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