Re: CPA vs. CPM the issue?

From: Keith Lacy <>
Date: Fri 27 Jul 2001 11:22:21 -0500


>On the branding versus awareness issue:

>Let's see if this helps: If I tell you hundreds of
>times that I am trustworthy, I make you aware that I
>claim to be trustworthy. But I have not yet earned a
>"trustworthy" brand. That comes (if you are
>intelligent) only after you have had an interaction
>with me that proves to you that I am trustworthy.
>It's the difference in two responses: "Yes, I have
>heard of them. They claim to be trustworthy." As
>opposed to, "They are trustworthy. I found that out
>when I had to return a product."

I think there are a couple of distinctions to be made
on this issue. In Europe Carslberg use the tagline
'probably the best lager in the world...'. If someone
was to ask me what the best lager in the world is -
I'm fairly sure I'd respond and say Carlsberg. But
why? I don't drink Carlsberg, I don't really like it
that much (that's not to say that it's not the best).
Perhaps it is superior on a level that I can't
comprehend!?!?! But I still have a brand perception
of Carlsberg as being a premium lager. I guess the
moral of the story is that if you throw enough s&%*@,
some of it will eventually stick, in certain purchase
situations. Reptition like this, I think, is most
likely to have a lasting impression in product
categories where, to be honest, we are pretty much
indifferent about. I have a good brand perception of
Carlsberg at the moment, but perhaps it is a weak one,
perhaps I would be easily pursuaded to the contrary.

Positive interaction with a brand is probably going
to leave a stronger positive impression on me than
anything else. If you are an advocate of a particular
brand and someone rubbishes that brand, you will
probably stick to your initial perception, after all
you experienced joy firsthand with that brand, this
time due to interaction with the brand your perceptions
are more enduring and hence harder to reverse.

Interaction with a brand will result in stronger and
more enduring preceptions when it is a complex purchase,
or when the product/service is solving a complex
problem, but repetition of USP's etc. for brands (that
behind the brand are really generic goods), to which
most people really are indifferent about (FMCG'S
etc...), will work fine.

Keith Lacy

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