RE: Unwanted Audio Ads (why not just turn speakers off?)

From: Anna Koop <>
Date: Tue 31 Jul 2001 12:09:17 -0500


>It is a much more reasonable proposition that users
>either keep their audio muted or keep their volume low,
>especially now that rich media technology is emerging
>more rapidly, than it is to tell Spielberg that he
>can't practice his profession on the Internet or that
>he should incur unreasonable expense to satisfy each
>individual's forgetfulness or choices. There is a clear
>distinction between developing for whole groups as
>opposed to developing for each individuals' preferences
>on the Internet. At some point, the people who spend the
>money have to draw a line because we're just not going
>to satisfy everyone 100% of the time.

A very important point is that John and Mark are not
speaking only for themselves. They are speaking for
"whole groups".

Most of the people I know of who surf the net will
*leave* a site immediately if music starts. Why don't
they just turn off the sound? Because they are *using*
the sound! This is not wasting time at work, this is
surfing for enjoyment at home, listening to their own
music. Have you ever heard the awful mix it makes when
some site (ad or not) starts playing music overtop of
yours? It's awful! And it IS VERY COMMON for people to
listen to music and surf.

This is not about one person whining about how
everything doesn't suit his preferences. This is many
many people who respond extremely negatively to
unexpected sound.

Add a volume button. Add an off button. Make it visible.
That's all. And the cost is nothing compared to cost
of people being disgusted/annoyed.

So don't come telling me and others: you should turn
your sound off if you don't like sound on websites.
No, I'm using my sound. And I will continue to use it
the way I want. And yes, I do and will continue to
exercise my ultimate right to leave a site and never
come back if I am not pleased with the experience. But
as a site owner, I appreciate knowing what makes people
leave and never come back.

Spielberg is free to do whatever he wants with his
ads, with his web space. Everyone else is free to
complain, and I'm sure it's relevant to him that
adding an on/off button would relieve his audience.

Anna Koop

Received on Tue Jul 31 2001 - 12:09:17 CDT


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