RE: Unusual ad formats

From: Manuel Coats <>
Date: Mon 03 Sep 2001 17:06:21 -0500


>Recently I came across an ad on a website featuring a
>guy -viewed from below- walking "on the screen" and
>doing something. What I am looking for is more examples
>of intrusive advertising formats like this as well as
>you opinion(s) on them.


>Jan, these ads are becoming more and more popular. And
>as much as you might hate them, the response rate for
>them is very high. We actually use one at the end of
>our subscription process to promote
>another product and it is incredibly effective. I've
>heard that eyeblaster can serve these up for around
>$10 CPM, but you need to have your ad copy all created.


>This is a bit obsolete as technology to use.
>You can see and use an old java script free for
>downloads at

>Much smaller in size and faster. Just hold your

Come on now, that's not even close. Having a free java
script that makes big words come at you isn't all that
impressive. Can it collect email addresses or other
demographics? Can it play audio if needed on qeueu.
Can you use frequency caps and target just USA or
non-USA visitors? The point is that companies like and EyeBlaster get business becuase
they have invested time into programming the technology
which sites like ours and many others can use. And I
don't consider a 20 or 25% click through rate 'obsolete.'


Received on Mon Sep 03 2001 - 17:06:21 CDT


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