Re: search engine submissions

From: Eric Ward <>
Date: Wed 05 Sep 2001 15:04:05 -0500


>To answer your question, no. Once you are accepted into the
>Open Directory Project (ODP), all participating engines will
>include your listings either in real-time, or whenever they
>update their ODP data.


I am a category editor at DMOZ as well as running
a high end linking strategy service.

The ODP listings flow/update works as follows:

The parent site is located at

While you can submit to DMOZ via any of the
sites that carry ODP listings, regardless of where
you make the submission, it ends up at the editors admin
section at You submission does not get to the
editor any quicker no matter where you submit.

The tricky and confusing aspect of this is that
DMOZ is the parent site, but the place most searches
are performed is at Netscape's Directory site at

All updates to the Netscape Open Directory/DMOZ
are seen first at the parent site, and then,
within about 30 days at the site.
Likewise with all the hundreds of other offspring versions
of the DMOZ directory. All listings filter down from
the parent site, typically within about 30 days.

CAVEAT: While I feel confident what I just stated above
is correct, I have also seen instances where the update
happened very quickly, or very slowly. When I log in
to my editor screen at DMOZ, if I have 5 or 6 new
submissions to review, any of them that I accept are
INSTANTLY listed in the live version of DMOZ, but not
at the I takes up to 30 days before the
sites I accepeted at the parent site start showing up
at and other offspring sites.

Also, category editors are not required to keep to a
specific schedule, so while I update my category about
once a week, other category editors may update their
catgeories every day or once a month. It's 100% at
the discretion of the individual category editor.

Best wishes,

 -Eric Ward

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