Some Free PR for Some of You...

From: Ken Zimmer <>
Date: Wed 05 Sep 2001 15:08:15 -0500

I know that there are marketing reps of all kinds that
frequent this list (and that some of you actually sell
things other than online-advertising space)... that
being said, I wanted to let all the technology marketing
reps involved in this group know that our magazine is
issuing a general call for 4th Quarter product reviews.

Here is the virtual memo that crossed my virtual desk:

 MOBILEGUY.COM is issuing a general call for 4th-Quarter
 product reviews. Manufacturers interested in having
 products or services reviewed by our magazine can
 contact me [refer to Alexa's contact info below]
 directly to request our "Product Submission Policy"
 .PDF file.

 Attached is a current review done in our new
 Mobile-Review style:

 Alexa J. Peters (MobileGal)

So basically... if your product or service is relevant
to our subject matter, and you're confident in what you're
selling, and you want some free PR... Dare an advertising
rep say free? :) ... Please contact Alexa, 'cause I
don't want to talk to you unless you're spending money
:) lol... That's all... And enough with the BAUD/BPS
blasting... My eyes are getting sore from reading
about it.

Ken Zimmer

Received on Wed Sep 05 2001 - 15:08:15 CDT


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