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From: Brandi Jasmine <>
Date: Thu 06 Sep 2001 10:41:35 -0500


> I haven't made enough money from any affiliate program
> that would even come close to making the effort
> worthwhile.


>The problem with affiliate programs is that most web
>publishers haven't been able to make them work for their
>sites. Inevitably, many people then blame affiliate programs
>as a concept, and not the way they've implemented them.

Oh puhlease. I don't know a single person who is not and
has not been involved on the affiliate side who has made
much more than coffee money from these things. And one
usually implements them as instructed by the affiliate
program - so whose fault is it if they are badly implemented?

>It's the "it didn't work for me, so it can't have worked
>for anyone else" fallacy that so many people seem to fall
>victim too.

I don't know anyone making claims to make a lot of money
except those who are selling or reselling a pay-up-front
affiliate program themselves and you know what? It all
smells like those "Make Money Now" ads in the classified
section. The only people making money are those who are
prepared to snag others into selling the program itself.
It's a giant ponzi scheme or the most part.

>And those who simply don't or won't believe that a website
>publisher can do well out of affiliate programs need to read
>some of the affiliate discussion boards, sites and newsletters.

I have. They are largely filled with a lot of griping
on one side and spam on the other.

>It's not impossible, just harder than most publishers think
>or are prepared to accept. Much easier just to write off
>affiliate programs as flawed.

Yeah - work 80 hours a week for 20 bucks a week, I'd say
that's a HECKUVA lot harder than I am prepared to work,
you got that right.

>Some will argue that those who do well with affiliate
>programs ought really to be getting involved in more closer
>business partnerships with their merchants.

Hah! Try asking this question: "I have 200,000 page views
per month - under your program, can you estimate, given
average responses, how much money I will make if I place
your banner on every page in my site?" ... and see if you
can get an answer!

>are many web publishers out there who don't have the kind
>of sites that fit a merchant's definition of a "desirable
>partner". Or they don't have the business or social skills,
>or even desire, to find or build partnerships. Or the
>merchants themselves just aren't up to it.

Or - the obvious - the affiliate program is simply a scam.
The payouts are unrealistically low. There is no
"relationship" because no-one at the affiliate program
will give you a straight answer.

>Such publishers are quite happy earning a decent income from
>automated programs. I was one of them. For details, see my
>post in Online Ads August 8th (for the record, the main
>affiliate program in question was the one run at the time
>by , which I neither own nor paid
>to get into).

I would be delighted to make a partnership with an affiliate
program that would be willing and interested in forming a
lasting partnership. I have 200,000 page-views and a highly
desirable target audience of mostly female 30-40-somethings.
I have YET to encounter a proposal that would remotely meet
my idea of what my traffic is worth. I have tried over a
dozen different affiliate programs and wasted weeks of time
setting up some poorly implemented schemes (like
which really was a complete waste of time) and find time and
time again I am greatly disappointed.

I will be the first to admit I am wrong - publicly - and to
sing the praises for the world to see for any affiliate program
that truly delivers what it promises.

Consider the gauntlet thrown, gentle peoples. SHOW me.
Show us all.


Brandi Jasmine - Writer, Photographer, Illustrator - -

Received on Thu Sep 06 2001 - 10:41:35 CDT


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