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From: Glenn Sobel <>
Date: Mon 10 Sep 2001 11:30:38 -0500


>I would be delighted to make a partnership with an affiliate
>program that would be willing and interested in forming a
>lasting partnership. I have 200,000 page-views and a highly
>desirable target audience of mostly female 30-40-somethings.
>I have YET to encounter a proposal that would remotely meet
>my idea of what my traffic is worth.

>Consider the gauntlet thrown, gentle peoples. SHOW me.
>Show us all.

Okay Brandi, your challenge is accepted! As a consultant
to many merchants, affiliates and even networks let me
start by agreeing with you that most affiliate programs

So let's get beyond that and solve your problem. I've been
working for weeks on developing a new program that has
the best elements of affiliate marketing combined with the
solution to the biggest complaints about promoting them.

To start, the business was developed by 2 of Microsoft's
top programmers so it's about as sophisticated and
powerful as you can get (the investment in this is huge).
You'll be proud to be associated with it.

Then we added the highest commissions of anything in
it's category that we know of, and made them lifetime,
including renewals. There is also a second tier referral
fee that will blow away the competition.

Then we designed it to operate either as a stand alone
site or as part of your existing site(s). You run it more
like a franchise than an affiliate program. It will be on
your domain name with your site name, so it's ready
for you to brand, promote, submit to search engines,
whatever. You keep your traffic and earn over 50%
commissions for life.

This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme, it's a real business.
The contract is the best partner deal around. I drafted
it to meet all AffiliateUnion certification requirements
(as a director of AffiliateUnion I drafted much of the
requirements myself so I know them as well as any-

The company wants real, long term partners who
will drive traffic in exchange for the majority of the
gross revenues. They don't allow pop-ups, spam,
or any other distracting or unethical behavior. And
they want partners to feel in control of their money
so they pay bi-weekly with NO MINIMUM.

I'm not here trying to sign up 2d tier affiliates. I'm
running their marketing for them. Since the formal
announcement to the public has not yet been made
I can only make this offer to you and any other

If you are serious about putting a hugely profitable
addition on your site, or you are looking for a business
you can operate as a stand alone site, email me and
I'll send you the URL for the company's home page.
Don't worry, it won't be an affiliate link and you won't
be signed up in my second tier. This is completely
legit. By the time you get my response we will be
accepting new partner applications and you'll be
able to sign up and get started immediately.

There you go Brandi, I challenge you to respond
and investigate this incredible opportunity. But
ONLY if you are prepared to make this a very
profitable and long term partnership. We don't
want quitters or people who expect overnight

Anyone who wants to know more, just send an
email to with "Response
to Online-Ads Challenge" in the subject line and
I'll send you back the URL where you can get all
the details and sign up. The test results so far
have shown incredible response and conversion.

I predict this will be one of the fastest growing,
most successful programs of its kind ever.

Care to join us?


Glenn Sobel, J.D.
Affiliate Marketing Consultant & Director

Received on Mon Sep 10 2001 - 11:30:38 CDT


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