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From: Stuart Hochwert <>
Date: Mon 10 Sep 2001 12:11:40 -0500


>I haven't made enough money from any affiliate program
>that would even come close to making the effort

A few facts:

1. Direct marketing professionals know that is you
test 10 mailing lists, 6 will not work, 2 may be worth
a retest and 2 may work OK. The same with affiliate
programs, they do not all work for every site. It
involves testing and analysis.

2. We operate an affiliate program in-house and
through Commission Junction. We pay $.55 - $.75 per
new subscriber. We work with hundreds of sites,
including some of the largest public companies. We
generate each month hundreds of thousands of new
subscriptions. Thus, our affiliate program works for
many sites who especially like that we pay Net 30.

3. While we prefer to work on a CPM or sponsorship
basis for advertising on our site, we do accept
affiliate/CPA deals for our remnant space in our
newsletters/eMagazines. Our largest merchants earn us
over $100,000 per month, so affiliate marketing does
work for us as an affiliate.

Most merchants begin a relationship with an affiliate
ASP thinking the technology is the solution. In fact,
as our new business development department knows, it
involves technology and a lot of sales calls, trade
shows and in-person visits.

Many affiates think that all they need to do is add a
link for a merchant and wait for the checks to arrive.
However, if you expect a 1/2% click through from a text
link and a 1 - 5% conversion to a paid sale from the
click through, you need high volume to make money. That
is why direct marketers mail millions and millions of
direct mail pieces, often monthly, and not a few
thousand here and there.

Of course, there are many affiliate programs that have
been set up that could not work for anyone. The product
or service is bad, the commissions are too low and/or
the web site is poorly designed. But then again, there
are bad restaurants, good restaurants, and great
restaurants. To say that the restaurant business is
bad because so many fail may be true. But it may also
be true that some in the restaurant business make millions.

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