Re: 3rd party ad serving

From: S. Haider <>
Date: Tue 11 Sep 2001 11:30:52 -0500


> I'm working with a company to develop an ad serving
> solution to serve the needs of webmasters beyond
> entry-level software. It seems, from the discussions
> in this list, many web masters feel the available
> chooses either offer limited functionality or are
> priced well beyond their reach. The solution we hope
> to implement would support all major rich media types
> and deliver all of the IAB supported ad sizes.

> It would also allow for targeting, inventory management,
> scheduling of ad campaigns based on impressions or
> clicks, optimization by revenue and frequency capping.
> It would have reporting features as well as a proposal
> and billing management tool. I think from scanning
> the archives that this is a lot what people are looking
> for, but am I missing something that hasn't been
> mentioned yet? Thanks.

Hi Charles,

One of the most important aspect of the 3rd party ad
serving that lot of companies do not think about is the
ability for the web master to put the ad sales on
auto-pilot. For example, a prospective advertiser
should be able to come to my site and sign up as an
advertiser by setting up the ad account, uploading
banners/graphics, making the payment. All the web master
would do is approve the account and activate the ad
rotation. I believe any application that makes it easier
for webmasters to sell their ad inventory directly to
prospective advertisers will definitely help.

Best Wishes,

Sam Haider

Received on Tue Sep 11 2001 - 11:30:52 CDT


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